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Mid-South Farmers Co-op’s precision Ag program uses state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of a highly trained, experienced staff to provide total crop solutions to our customers. Since 1996, Mid-South Farmers Co-op has been the leader in precision Ag services. Our goal is to assist growers in producing maximum yields with the most efficient use of crop inputs.

Field Mapping

Precision Field Mapping

We strive to be the local leader in uncovering field variability and managing your crops according to the performance of your field. We use many services here at Mid-South Farmers Co-op to help your fields reach their maximum potential from precision soil sampling to Veris, we help insure full crop performance.

Fertilizer Application

Precision Application

We believe that variable rate application equipment is the core to helping implement our precision agronomy services.  We host a fleet of trained applicators and state of the art equipment that keeps you running on time.  From fertilizer application to nitrogen application in season to lime applications out of season, we take the time to put our customers first.

In-Season Crop Management

Our professional sales agronomist are trained on many of the key ag technology tools today and are ready to help apply practical application with true service.  From uncovering the value of a tissue sample to scouting a field with in season imagery our team is ready to help you be successful in season. Understanding how to navigate your crop based off of the season and yield potential can help make more accurate decisions.

Soil Moisture Management

Irrigation Management

An important tool to optimizing crop yield and sustainability, is irrigation, and it is influenced by crop and soil characteristics. The University of Tennessee has ongoing small plot demonstrations as well as on-farm, field scale research, utilizing best management irrigation strategies. The following link will give you access to several locations using different type of soil moisture monitoring tools and gives you comparisons of AquaSpy to other probes on the market.

Data Collection

Many of our farmers collect data, we are ready to help translate that into decision making for your operation.  From planting set up to harvest maps in the fall, our data management solutions can help be your crop report card for the season and help you make continued improvements to the products and services that you use on your farm.

Precision Ag Team