Field Mapping

The first step to utilizing our precision Ag program is to accurately map individual farm fields. As a starting point, Mid-South Farmers Co-op can produce a field boundary for each field within a farm and provide an accurate acreage measurement. This can be accomplished by physically measuring the field boundary or using satellite images from our vast computer database.

Precision Soil

Soil sampling has long been an accepted practice to find out what nutrients need to be added to the soil. Mid-South Farmers Co-op takes that practice to another level with our precision soil sampling. We offer basic grid samples to establish a base line of nutrient levels, plus we take other data layers and establish “management zones” within each field. Each "management zone" is then treated as a field within a field, so that inputs can be applied according to the needs of each area. This maximizes the crop’s yield potential. Mid-South Farmers Co-op also offers a “smart sample,” which establishes sample points based on Veris and/or other field data.

Veris Soil EC

Veris Soil EC Mapping Systems uses GPS and the proven technology of soil electrical conductivity (EC) to identify areas of contrasting soil properties. EC values are measurements of soil texture-relative amounts of sand, silt, and clay. Soil texture is directly related to both water-holding capacity and cation-exchange capacity, key ingredients of productivity. Veris EC data can then be used to identify distinct management zones within the field. Veris data does not change over time unless there is a major soil disturbance such as dirt work or grading.