Mid-South Farmers Co-op starts by checking the basic components, such as the seed meter. We can calibrate and fine tune a grower’s meter to its full potential. We offer a complete line of updated seed meter parts to gain planting accuracy that the original meter can’t give. Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers a long line of parts from the basics of drive chains, seed tubes, and row cleaners to the more detailed such as seed monitoring, variable rate seeding, or down force systems.


Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers a simple yet very detailed solution to adding a yield monitor to your operation. We offer parts and service to existing yield monitors such as receivers, flow sensors, and calibration. With most monitors you can use them for another task in a different season such as planting or spraying.

Yield Monitor Data

Mid-South Farmers Co-op can process a grower’s yield data and provide accurate yield maps. But even better, we can take that growers yield data and store it each year to build a historical yield record for that field. This information can be utilized and matched with soil data to provide a more precise picture of a farm. Management zones can also be established with this data to variably apply nutrients based on yield potential.

Data Management

Do you have records of where certain crop products were applied? At Mid-South Farmers Co-op, we can help manage applied data from sprayers, spreaders, and planters.  Once we have retrieved a grower’s data, it is stored under their own management tree consisting of your operation, farm, field, and zones.  Mid-South Farmers Co-op can make you a better record keeper by utilizing this program.  Under each farm we can store all aspects of data such as Veris, soil fertility, chemical and fertilizer application, seed planting, in season imagery, and yield data.  From this data we can generate reports of acres, seed variety’s, chemicals used, or fertilizer.