Fertigation & Chemigation

Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers a variety of fluid injection systems for a grower’s irrigation system that will allow one to apply fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides while irrigating. By using one of our systems, a grower will be able to reduce cost of chemicals, fertilizer, and application labor; manage for better plant health; and maximize yields through season-long applications based on crop needs. We also carry nurse tanks, pop-up tanks, and parts for repair and service.

Aerial Imagery

Through both satellite and aircraft, Mid-South Farmers Co-op can capture aerial imagery. With the use of aerial imagery, a grower can distinguish variability in a crop’s health and show differences in plants, water, and soil. NDVI (normalization difference of vegetation index) maps are also utilized through aerial imagery and are mostly used for management zone creation. Precision farming techniques, field variability, health and size of crop, assessment for pesticide and irrigation application, and variable rate applications of plant-growth regulators are a few of the many options a grower will have with aerial imagery.

Tissue Sampling with NutriSolutions

Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers tissue sampling to show a grower the status of nutrients in their plants during the growing season. Tissue test will show the plant’s nutrient status at the time of sampling, which, in turn, shows whether soil nutrient supplies are adequate or excessive. In addition to confirming visual symptoms of deficiencies, plant tissue analysis will detect unseen problems as well. Each nutrient has a specific role in the makeup of a plant. Applying nutrients at the right time throughout the year, based upon tissue sampling, results in increased crop yield by eliminating the stress factor of limited nutrients.