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A Variety of Crop Services Serving Crockett County

When you need corp services, Mid-South Farmers Co-Op in Alamo, TN, serving Crockett County, TN, can provide a variety of services that will assist in making your farm more productive. Our agronomist can help with soil moisture probes, seed treatments, soil sampling and much more. Our goal is to test your farm soils and provide effective treatment for seeds so you can get the output you need from your crops to remain profitable. We understand how hard you work and want to ensure you have access to the services you need to make that hard work well worth it.

We Test Your Soil

You can count on working with an agronomist experienced in precision ag for all of your soil testing needs. Proper moisture is a necessity when it comes to growing your crops to their fullest potential. With our soil moisture probe, we can evaluate the moisture levels in your soil and make recommendations for improving moisture retention. In addition, we also provide soil sampling to test your soil for the essential nutrients your crops need to flourish and thrive. When you know more about the makeup of your soil, you can then use the right fertilizer and other elements to ensure the types of crops you grow have the best chance of success.

Seed Treatment Options

Another of our corp services is seed treatment. Our agronomist will work closely with you to determine the best course of treatment to give your seeds the best growth rate. As a farmer, there are so many pieces to the puzzle of success, but our team is dedicated to helping you solve that puzzle and get the best return from your farm.

If you’re looking for these or other crop services, contact us. We’re located in Alamo, TN, and are serving Crockett County, TN.