Corn Emergence and Stand Establishment

May 13, 2020

Corn seedling showing roots and noting which treatment had larger root mass
The two plants have different infurrow treatments, which ultimately can affect overall yield. 
  • The seedling on the right is one to two growth stages ahead of the one on the left.   Earlier growth stage can mean earlier flowering. Early season vigor allows the corn to more quickly ---- Get to the 
    • getting zinc early  Seedling on the right is from the 100% APH recommendation which includes Opti Start, Zinc and Ascend Pro.
  • The corn on the left has no infurrow nutrition or PGR.

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Aug 01, 2020
Hunter talks through the application based on the Tissue Samples gathered for the Focused Acre Field.
Jul 02, 2020
The Focused acre field of CROPLAN RX4825 is at growth stage V7. It started clean and reamins clean, because of the early burn down before planting and strong pre-emerge with a residual following the planter.   
Jun 17, 2020
On June 17th, soybean stand at V1. Learn more! 
Jun 06, 2020
As part of the Focused Acre program, Hunter Sheehan a field agronomist from Mid-South Farmers Coop, is scouting and evaluating this soybean field.  Learn More about the services this program offers.