Focused Acre planting to V1

May 08, 2020

Soybeans in field in TN showing emergence
The plan for our Focused Acre includes Croplan 4825X and here are the benifits.
  • Versatile Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® variety with great top-end yield potential

  • Highly adapted variety that moves across all soil types

  • Excluder with excellent emergence and SSC tolerance; strong FELS tolerance

  • Can have late-season green stems

Below are key details for the this Focused Acre field. 
The field was prepared with an early season burndown. It is planted with a CP4825X. A Pre-emerge was sprayed behind the planter before beans were up to ensure a clean start. 

  • Planting Date: 6/08/20
  • Seeding rate: 140,000K/Acre
  • Provide: 70 F
  • Soil moisture ‐ adequate
  • Planting depth – 1 inch 
  • Seed Treatment – Warden® CX
This field is scheduled for a post-emerge application with a 3rd mode of action for the year on  june 17th. There will also be a tissue sample taken and reviewed for any needs of a micro nutrient  

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Aug 01, 2020
Hunter talks through the application based on the Tissue Samples gathered for the Focused Acre Field.
Jul 02, 2020
The Focused acre field of CROPLAN RX4825 is at growth stage V7. It started clean and reamins clean, because of the early burn down before planting and strong pre-emerge with a residual following the planter.   
Jun 17, 2020
On June 17th, soybean stand at V1. Learn more!