Focused Acre planting to V1

May 08, 2020

Soybeans in field in TN showing emergence
The plan for our Focused Acre includes Croplan 4825X and here are the benifits.
  • Versatile Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® variety with great top-end yield potential

  • Highly adapted variety that moves across all soil types

  • Excluder with excellent emergence and SSC tolerance; strong FELS tolerance

  • Can have late-season green stems

Below are key details for the this Focused Acre field. 
The field was prepared with an early season burndown. It is planted with a CP4825X. A Pre-emerge was sprayed behind the planter before beans were up to ensure a clean start. 

  • Planting Date: 6/08/20
  • Seeding rate: 140,000K/Acre
  • Provide: 70 F
  • Soil moisture ‐ adequate
  • Planting depth – 1 inch 
  • Seed Treatment – Warden® CX
This field is scheduled for a post-emerge application with a 3rd mode of action for the year on  june 17th. There will also be a tissue sample taken and reviewed for any needs of a micro nutrient